At Superior Alarm Systems, we understand the unique and diverse needs of our clients. Whether you are a small or enterprise-sized business, Superior Alarm Systems has a perfect solution to secure your business and allow your operations to continue uninterrupted.


Closed circuit television (CCTV) relies on the strategic placement of cameras to ensure proper video surveillance, giving you the peace of mind that whatever may happen while you’re away will be captured and stored for review.


Access control is vital to protecting the perimeter of a business or location. At Superior Alarm Systems, our designed-to-order access control systems gives the user the ability to control who can and cannot access restricted areas, using encrypted data to keep critical areas secure.


Superior Alarm Systems protects thousands of clients from the destruction that occurs due to fires. Our fire monitoring systems provide world-class detection and surveillance that will keep your assets protected, whether it is your home or business.


Through our monitoring stations, Superior Alarm Systems provides around-the-clock monitoring that keeps our clients and their homes safe and secure. We can personalize all of our systems to fit your exact needs – GUARANTEED!


SAS’s in-house design team is trained in AutoCAD, custom design and code compliance, allowing our engineering team to fully-control and design construction plans. By eliminating the third-party design team, SAS can quickly manage and make changes to plans in order to meet client needs and keep them happy.


Having effective communication lines and set protocols during an emergency is very important. Superior Alarm Systems is trained in the design and installation of many different forms of communication services, ranging from area of rescue/refuge (AOR) and “blue light” emergency systems to IP intercoms and call boxes.

24 / 7 / 365

Superior Alarm Systems’ UL listed central station provides its customers with world-class monitoring on a 24 / 7 / 365 basis. Our monitoring is universally accepted as one of the nation’s premier central stations, offering state-of-the-art monitoring center redundancy, secure facilities and highly trained and cleared dispatch agents. SAS’s infrastructure is able to monitor UL 2050 listed deployments, allowing Superior Alarm Systems to work with numerous U.S. Department of Defense secure sites.